Pastoral Letter

Brother Charles Simpson writes a monthly Pastoral Letter, and just like One-To-One Magazine, it is freely sent to those on our mailing list. These timely and personal letters are fresh teachings that offer encouragement and reflect what God is currently speaking to Brother Charles’ heart. Quite often we receive more feedback from this media than from anything else we publish. We have archived these letters here for our online readers. We trust they will minister to you.

Beyond the Obvious

Publication:Pastoral Letter,March 2017
Dear Friend in Christ:

I hope this letter finds you well. It’s an honor for me to share with you this month some thoughts regarding vision; that is, to see spiritually, “beyond the […]

Collaborate or Isolate?

Publication:Pastoral Letter,February 2017
Dear Friend in Christ:

Many years ago, my father said, “Too often we are reactionary. We wait to see what the enemy does and then react to it.  Instead, we should act upon […]

Follow The Light

Publication:Pastoral Letter,January 2017

Dear Friend in Christ:

Happy New Year from all of us at CSM! We pray you had a wonderful Christmas. As we enter 2017, I want to give a word of revelation that […]

Joy to the World

Publication:Pastoral Letter,December 2016

Dear Friend in Christ:
I pray this letter finds you well. This month, it is my honor to write this Pastoral Letter to you on behalf of my father, Charles Simpson, and all […]

The Heart Test

Publication:Pastoral Letter,November 2016

Dear Friend in Christ:

We really do not know ourselves until we are tested, when it is “crunch time”; what we do when the odds are against us and the stakes are high. […]


Publication: Pastoral Letter, October 2016

Dear Friend in Christ:

I believe in miracles and believe that I have personally witnessed some miracles.  I am taking into account that you probably would say the same; at least […]